Soulja Boy Alleges Blueface Has Been “Turned Out” In Jail

Lyndon Abioye |

Soulja Boy is making shocking allegations about Blueface.

The rapper claims Blueface has been turned out in jail.

“They say Blueface dropping the soap on purpose. They say he been getting f-cked in the a-s, man. That’s what they said. They said he had to go [protective custody], man. P-ssy-a-s n-gga, man. They say every n-gga that beef with Draco, man, go out sad. They say n-ggas die or they just go out sad, and when he get out of jail imma beat the f-ck out of that n-gga gang sh-t,” said Soulja.

Blueface will be behind bars until at least July for violating his probation.

Soulja also disrespected Chrisean Rock, who has moved back into Blueface’s home.

“Chrisean, Imma nut on your face b-tch. Snaggle-tooth h-e. Look like your p-ssy stank, h-e. Little ugly b-tch. You little ugly snaggle tooth autistic b-tch. You little remidial h-e. Somebody tag Chrisean tell her let me nut on that tattoo of her ugly n-gga. Little stinky booty b-tch,” said Soulja.

He then claimed that Chrisean Jr. looks “retarded” and that he looks like he has “Down syndrome.”

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