Soulja Boy Accused Of Being A Scammer!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Soulja Boy responded to a fan on Twitter who accused him of being a scammer. The fan paid $400 for Soulja’s gaming console but is yet to receive it.

“It’s February 5th, 2023 & @souljaboy is STILL A SCAMMER . Where is my TRDR pocket I was supposed to receive a year ago when I ordered it??? You have no morals by trying to steal from fans who support you. God Knows,” the fan tweeted.

Soulja quickly responded to the tweet: “The microchip shortage in China restricted it. But we will ship them all new ones that are upgraded and double the price they paid for free. New ones are 400$ with A.I. old ones were 200$ they ship this Friday. Sorry for the delay my brother.”

He also added, “Soulja Boy Game 2.0 ships Friday! with A.I.!! @TRDRpocket @souljaboygame everyone gets a free one if you ordered 1.0 thanks for your patience!”

Great customer service from Soulja Boy!!

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