Sony Rep Claims R. Kelly’s Leaked ‘I Admit Album’ Is A Bootleg

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R. Kelly’s album, “I Admit It” dropped on digital streaming platform on Friday, but a rep for the singer’s record label says it’s a bootleg.

Sony Music, which owns the rights to much of the singer’s catalog, told Variety that the album is an unofficial release.”

“This content has been removed from the platform at the request of the distributor,” a rep for the company told Variety. The disgraced star’s attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, told the outlet that the singer is “is having intellectual property stolen from him.” She claims he is not behind the leak.

 Kelly is serving a 30-year prison sentence after being found guilty of multiple sexual-misconduct-related charges in New York last year. He will have to face at least one other trial. Sony Music dissolved its working relationship with R. Kelly back in 2019 at the peak of his legal troubles. R. Kelly has claimed he has been broke for years.

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