Songwriter: Beyoncé’s “Bow Down” & “All Night” Were Meant For RIHANNA … Somehow Bey Got Possession!

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Two of the biggest hits on Beyonce’s new album Renaissance were songs meant for Rihanna, but were “taken” by Beyonce, Media Take Out has learned.

Beyonce has been facing a serious backlash over accusations that the Queen of All Music allegedly grabbed music that was attributable to other artists. Beyonce and her team have fought back against the rumors – explaining that they went through all the appropriate legal channels to get the music.

But fans are out for blood from Beyonce. And now a new report, which Media Take Out received – may have the Rihanna navy after Beyonce.

Media Take Out confirmed that the songwriting brothers Rock City, the same ones that wrote Rihanna’s hit songs “Man Down” , “We Can’t Stop” , and “Replay” (among others) are claiming that they also wrote We Can’t Stop (which was eventually given to Miley Cyrus)

According to the songwriting brothers, they wrote the song in 9 minutes – and expected to deliver the track to Rihanna for her upcoming album.

Rock City explained in a new interview that they and Rihanna have a very special island connection and how they all came up to dominate the American music market. 

Then the Rock City songwriter dropped a bomb. He revealed that he never met Beyoncé and he was writing Bow Down and All Night specifically for Rihanna.

The author does not explain how the songs came into the possession of Beyonce. But he also does not suggest that Beyonce did anything underhanded or illegal in acquiring them either.

Media Take Out learned that members of the Rihanna Navy are in an uproar – suggesting that those three hits should have been recorded by the intended recipient, Rihanna, and not Beyonce.

Oh lord . . .

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