Social Media Star Wack100 Just Got BEAT UP And Knocked Out In Los Angeles . . . AGAIN!! (VIDEO)

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Rap industry executive Wack 100 got beat up and chased off the stage in Los Angeles last night, Media Take Out has learned.

According to online reports, a group of men associated with the Rolling 60s (Nipsey Hussle’s gang) ran down on Wack 100 while he was on stage during a concert by rapper The Game – whom Wack 100 manages.

Wack 100 has been making controversial statements about prominent members of the hip hop community for the past few months. One of his most controversial statements was about the late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

According to Wack 100, he claims to have seen a “gay tape” between Nipsey and one of his homies. Nipsey’s family and friends deny the existence of a “gay tape,” and many believe that Wack was throwing dirt on Nipsey’s name for clout.

So yesterday, a few of Nipsey’s homies decided to give Wack a lesson on respect, and they ran down on him in front of a crowd of fans.

The Game was having concert in Los Angeles and it was lit. Kanye West even showed up, and performed a few songs with Game. Look:

But before the concert was over, Wack got disciplined by the gang members. According to reports, Wack was knocked unconscious. Here are a few men explaining exactly what happened:

Wack is now responding to those men – saying that there was no physical confrontation. He just had a “stand off” with Nipsey’s gang homies. Listen:

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