Social Media DIGS UP More ALLEGATIONS Against Diddy, From Usher, Justin Bieber, & 50 CENT!!!

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Yesterday the world of hip hop was hit by a BLOCKBUSTER lawsuit from Diddy’s former girlfriend Cassie, where she claims that Diddy abused her and forced her to participate in GAY “Freak Sessions.”

Well now social media reporters are going crazy, digging through old interviews and allegations – coming from Jamie Foxx, Usher, and Justin Bieber – which suggest that Diddy may have exposed them to similar “freak” parties.

The YouTubers suggest that Diddy was allegedly “grooming” the young men, and preparing them to engage in alternative lifestyle shenanigans.

Here are a few videos. The first one is around Justin Bieber and Usher, who were both underage when they were first exposed to Diddy’s over the top lifestyle:

The second video covers Diddy’s “friendships” with a teenage Usher, and his suspicious comments towards Fabolous and rapper 50 Cent, who were both adults when Diddy allegedly tried to lure them into his lifestyle. Watch:

Diddy is in a WORLD of trouble. Media Take Out learned that authorities in New York and Los aAngeles are looking into possible criminal activity from the billionaire mogul.

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