Social Media Bloggers Claim They ’Solved’ Takeofff Murder … Blame Houston MAN!!

A group of prominent hip hop cloggers have been pouring over the footage of Migos rapper Takeoff’s murder, and are claiming to have found the man they believe shot and killed him.

DJ Akademiks

Media Take Out learned that the leader of this rogue group of bloggers is DJ Akademiks.

In a nearly two hour video, uploaded onto Youtube, Akademiks searched through publicly available videos in an attempt to hard to solve Takeoff’s tragic passing.

During the video, Media Take Out observed as the social media star speculated that a guy who was in the car with Quavo fatally shot the 28-year-old rapper.

Media Take Out can confirm that Academics has no training in criminal investigation and his speculation should NOT be given any merit. But nonetheless, folks on Twitter are going along with Akdemiks claims – and blaming a possibly innocent man for a heinous crime.

Later in the video, Akademiks went live to analyze the video obtained by TMZ from the scene as well as discuss theories surrounding the tragic incident which took place at 810 Billiards & Bowling Houston. “Either he was getting punched or he was swinging…but it looked like he was swinging. So that guy punched Quavo,” he said.

“This is Takeoff,” Akademiks said after pausing the video that saw Takeoff wearing a white T-shirt. “[Takeoff] was a real n***a. When your man’s getting punched, you in it,” he continued explaining what seemingly happened in the footage. He later said he “respected” what Takeoff did to Quavo.

A few moments later, Akademiks said he feels “so incredibly bad for Quavo” because for the rest of his life he’s going to realize that Takeoff passed away trying to protect him. Akademiks added, “Takeoff stepped up after he seen a n***a trying to do something for his family.”

“Who’s the shooter? Hold on, hold on. We’re gonna figure out the shooter,” Akademiks told the viewers before continuing to analyze the footage. “They said this is the shooter,” he said while pointing his cursor to a man who wore a cap and dark outfit.

The man whom Akadenmiks identified as the shooter has been trending on Twitter, and his name and address is all over the platform.

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