Slim Thug Weighs In On Diddy Drama…”I Don’t Wanna See Nobody Go Down”

Lyndon Abioye |

Slim Thug is speaking out after Diddy’s homes were raided by the feds on Monday.

The rapper is upset that people are celebrating Diddy’s demise and accused people of trying to tear Black men down.

“I don’t want to see a Black man who came so far, almost to a billion dollars, fall down. That’s our inspiration. It ain’t too many of us. They took Kanye down,” he said in the clip. “We losing another billionaire over allegations. Still ain’t no criminal charges. We only got about one billionaire left. Who, JAY-Z? That’s the only muthaf-cka left.”

After Cassie’s lawsuit hit the interne, fans have turned against Diddy and want hi brought to justice.

“Look at who is wishing this dude fell. It’s his own people. It’s his own people cheering him, laughing and ‘Diddy did it’ and coming up with new slogans. Take note of this. A year or two ago when we were popping Cîroc, he thought that we were ride or die for him. He thought that the motherfucking world of Hip Hop would stay down. I’m just gonna sit back and hope for the best. I don’t wanna see nobody go down.”

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