Slim Thug Tells Single Men To ‘Exercise Your Single Rights’

Tiffany Brockworth |

Slim Thug wants to make sure all single men are getting what they deserve and reeled off a few tips to ensure they are making the best of the solo life.

“When you single, it’s important that you exercise your single rights,” he shared. “One of your single rights as a single person is to go get a massage and get a happy ending. So, if you can find that, you should enjoy that. Because when you get in a relationship, that’s when you get in trouble for sh-t like that.”

Slim Thug says men should also receive a special treat after getting a shape up.

“If she was a fine masseuse lady and she wanted to give me happy ending, I’m widdit,” he said. “I even got a budget for that.”

Slim Thug says men should move with caution while single.

“This the warning of exercising your single rights like me,”he added. “It’s addictive. The freedom of being single and being able to do whatever you want to do is up there with money and sex.”

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