Slim Thug Says Jewish People Own Black Music… “We Need To Take The Culture BACK!!”

Lyndon Abioye |

Slim Thug says that Black people should own their music…and not Jewish people.

According to the rapper, Jewish people own their music and culture and Black people should be allowed to do the same.

“Jewish people should own Drake. Drake is Jewish. Jewish people should own Jewish music. I don’t like that Jewish people own Black music. I don’t want Jewish people who are not a part of the culture to own the culture. I want only Black people to own Black music,” he explains in the clip.

“Until we fix that, I don’t like it. If you ain’t Jewish, why the f-ck you own a Jewish rapper’s music? If you don’t listen to that sh-t, why you own that? Nah, we not on that. We need to take the culture back. While these Black people broke, we need to own our music.”

In the comments section, fans agreed but say that Slim Thug will be walking back on his comments in a day or two. They also say it’s time for Slim Thug to cut his beard.

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