Slim Thug APOLOGIZES To Cassie… “I Can’t Stand Behind This”

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Slim Thug, who has been defending Diddy since Cassie sued him for r-pe and physical abuse, has apologized to her after video surfaced of Diddy beating her back in 2016.

 “Damn Diddy [man facepalming emoji]. I tried to ride with the [Black] man who had no charges yet but I can’t stand behind this [zipper-mouth face emoji]. I’ll take this L,” Slim Thug wrote.

He continued: “But I still will ride with my ppl until I see some sort of proof I don’t believe in blogs or civil suits. Apologies to Cassie and whoever else was on the right side this time [prayer hand emoji].” Before that, he claimed it was a plot to take down a Black man: “I don’t want to see a Black man who came so far, almost to a billion dollars, fall down. That’s our inspiration,” he said in a March Instagram Live post. “We losing another billionaire over allegations at this point. Still aint no criminal charges.”

In the video, Diddy chases Cassie down a hotel hallway, drags her to the floor, kicks her twice and then tries to drag her along the floor. When she gets up and tries to get away again, he drags her into a corner and throws glass objects at her.

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