Slim Jxmmi’s Ex Reacts To His Rumored Romance With Sukihana

Lyndon Abioye |

Slim Jxmmi’s ex-girlfriend Kee reacted to a viral pic of her ex with Sukihana…and says she’s moving on herself and taking applications for a new stepdaddy for her son.

“Y’all keep sending me this,” Kee said of the pic. “They posted it for a reason. this is the most attention he’s gotten since SremmLife 2 and knocking my teeth back. He’s blocked for a reason. People do not change. Had to learn to stop feeling bad and making excuses for how he treats me. I love myself, my son and my PH balance more.”

In September 2020, reports surfaced that Jxmmi punched Kee, in the face and knocked one of her front teeth out when she was six months pregnant.

“He physically assaulted me while pregnant [with] my friend present,” admitted on social media. “He’s [broken] my phones in front of his team, screamed at me and pushed me around in front of them. They always point fingers like I’m making him do these things. This is my truth. Aaquil Brown for years has been emotionally, physically, and mentally abusive to me.”

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