Skinnyfromthe9 Reveals Half His Face Is Now Paralyzed!!

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Rapper Skinnyfromthe9 has revealed that he has been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, which has caused paralysis on half of his face.

“Everybody’s wondering why I have an eye-patch,” he started. “I went to the hospital today and they told me I have Bell’s palsy. Basically, it’s when half of your [face] is paralyzed. For me, my whole left side is paralyzed,” he said in the video.

Bell’s palsy causes sudden weakness in the muscles on one side of the face and symptoms can clear up within months but for some, it lasts forever.

“I ain’t embarrassed of nothing but I feel like I owe my fans/friends/ & people I love an explanation but I got tired of hitting everyone back individually so I went to the hospital today & they told me I have ‘bells palsy’ basically half my face is paralyzed & this just happens no warning no nothing I’m seeing a neurologist tomorrow & if you play close attention you can see I’m have trouble with my speech,” he captioned the post. “Sounds appear louder. My [face] hurts a little. Can’t move my lip. slurred words. Eye can’t move. Can’t blink. Can’t form a full smile. Can’t move eyebrows. Praying to get better.”

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