Skilla Baby Says Eminem Is Not Detroit’s Best Rapper

Lyndon Abioye |

Skilla Baby surprised fans and interviewer Keke Palmer by saying that Eminem is not the best rapper to come from Detroit.

“I don’t know because if you think number-wise Eminem is the best Detroit rapper. But the gag is nobody would say that in Detroit,” he told Palmer.

Skilla then listed who he believes are the top rappers to come out of his hometown.

“I don’t know because everybody had their turn being Detroit’s favorite rapper. Sada Baby had his turn, Tee Grizzley had a turn. Dugg had a turn. Babyface Ray had a turn. Veeze is one of Detroit’s best rappers now. Baby Smoove, Big Kizz–a lot of artists had they turn,” he told her.

Skilla says that nobody has consistently been the best rapper from the city.

“Number-wise, Eminem. But nobody in Detroit plays Eminem. I’m a fan of Eminem. But do we consider him our best rapper? I don’t think Detroit does.”

Do y’all agree with Skilla Baby’s take?

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