Single Mom Goes Viral On Facebook … Posts Family Pic Of Kids … Holding Guns & Throwing Gang Signs

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An Atlanta mother is going viral on social media after she posted pics of her gun toting children on Facebook, Media Take Out has learned.

The image shows the mom and her adorable 5 kids posing in front of their driveway. But keen eyed observers noticed that a few of the children appear to be carrying firearms. One young man appears to have a handgun with an extended clip in his pocket, Media Take Out observed.

Georgia law generally makes it unlawful for any person to intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly furnish a handgun to a minor under age 18, subject to multiple exceptions. A minor’s parent or legal guardian may also be held criminally liable for “permit[ting]” their minor child to possess a handgun in circumstances where they know the minor is engaging in conduct that constitutes illegal possession of a handgun and the parent or guardian failed to take reasonable efforts to prevent them from doing so.

But Georgia law has one big exception. Under the law, a child can be in possession of a firearm if the child is on their parent’s, legal guardian’s, or grandparent’s property and the child has the permission of their parent, legal guardian, or grandparent to possess the handgun.

But it’s not just the gun toting that has some people upset. Many of the Facebook commentators are claiming that at least one of the young men appears to be throwing up gang signs.


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