Simon Guobadia’s Nanny Says Porsha Williams Abandoned His Kids Ahead Of Divorce Filing!!

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Porsha Williams of Real Housewives of Atlanta filed for divorce from Simon Guobadia in February 2024, but the divorce has been messy.

Now, according to Simon’s nanny, the Housewife fled their home and Simon’s children right before she filed for divorce.

The nanny, whose last name is Silva, said Porsha reached out to her on February 22 and asked if she could stay late the night. She agreed.

Silva says that after giving her flowers and wishing her a “happy birthday,” Porsha left the home that evening “and never came back.” 

The following day, Porsha filed for divorce.

Simon was traveling so Silva was left home with the kids.

“I could not go home to my home from Thursday, February 22, 2024, until Monday, February 26, 2024 because Porsha left the Marital Residence without telling me and it was the week Simon’s children were at the home. Simon returned to the house surprised of the divorce and without help from his wife,” she said.

Porsha did not return to the home for two weeks.

 “I did not know she was coming with a guy that day. Simon asked me, can you go and open the door for Porsha and ask her what she needs and whether she needs to come inside the home. I went outside to meet Porsha and I said, Simon is asking do you need to come inside the house to get something. And Porsha said that she does not need to answer anything; and then, she went inside the house with a security guy with a gun,” the nanny added.

“The man was a big guy who was walking like a bad guy. I did not know that Porsha was coming with a guy. This came out of nowhere. I had never seen the guy before. The guy was inside the house sitting on the stairs with the gun showing. It was shocking to me.”

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