Simon Guobadia Says His Children Are “HOMELESS” After Marriage To Porsha Williams!!

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Simon Guobadia hopped online to claim that his children are now homeless after he was forced to sell his properties to get away from his estranged wife, Porsha Williams.

“I would like to publicly thank the mother’s of my 3 minor children who have stepped up to provide cover for our minor children. We are into the 3rd month of litigation, without proper visitation.These women have played their part as co-parents, and are now asked to do more, with the added burden of caring for my children when they are supposed to be in my care. My children are growing and maturing everyday and unfortunately do not have the benefit of my presence,” he wrote on Instagram.

Simon added that he has had joint physical custody of his children for five years and that they live with him for two weeks out of each month. He claimed that his 11-year-old daughter, who lives in California, had to be diverted to Dubai for Spring Break and that all of his children have been left displaced.

Simon has been residing in Atlanta and has been denied permanent residency by the USCIS due to a past criminal record. He first traveled to the US on a six-month visitor’s visa in 1982 but returned to Nigeria in 1985 after overstaying the visa for three years.

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