CRAZY CLAIM Goes Viral: Man Claims That Diddy Dr*gged Him … Then STOLE HIS BUSSY!!

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Just when you thought that Diddy was out of the woods with the explosive unproven abuse allegations. Media Take Out claimed that a new claim is circulating on social media …. this time from a MAN.

According to a popular podcast, a man reached out to him claiming to have a story about an alleged abusive encounter with Diddy – that occurred while the man and Diddy both attended Howard University more than 30 years ago.

The man – who refused to state his name – gave horrifying details of an alleged attack that took place off campus.

As Media Take Out reported, Diddy recently paid his ex-girlfriend Cassie $100 million to settle their lawsuit. Shortly after news of the settlement broke, more alleged “victims” came out of the woodwork …. possibly hoping to secure similar sized bag from an embattled Diddy.

In Diddy’s defense, he has come out and stated that he planned on fighting for his reputation. According to Diddy, he will not stand by and allow for any more “money grabs.”

So far, Media Take Out has uncovered no evidence supporting the man’s claims. But the claim is nonetheless going viral.

In the viral video, a man claims that he met Diddy at Howard, and went back to Diddy’s apartment – where he met Diddy’s friend Lorenzo.

The man claims that he got drunk and took narcotics, and while inebriated he says that Diddy and his male friend allegedly stole his b*ssy.

The man claims that he’s in the process of getting an attorney and plans to bring an action against the former billionaire mogul.

The man claims that after the encounter, there was blood and mud everywhere. It’s pretty graphic.


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