SHOCKER: NBA Player Is Accused Of R*ping A MAN . . . Police Report Being Filed As WE SPEAK!!

The National Basketball Association is reeling after the drama surrounding Boston Celtics coach Ime Udoka, and his cheating scandal.

But that scandal is about to be overshadowed by an even more EXPLOSIVE new claim that Media Take Out has just learned about.

According to a new report, a man is claiming that an ACTIVE player in the NBA r*ped him. The report, seen by Media Take Out, claims that the alleged victim is preparing to file a police report against the player and his legal team is also considering a lawsuit against the player.

Because of the sensitive nature of the allegations, and the fact that the police report has not yet been filed, Media take Out cannot yet reveal the name of the accused baller. And when you hear which baller was accused – YOUR MOUTH WILL DROP!!

The report claims that the victim and his lawyer plan on holding a press conference soon, to spill all the tea, once the legal documents are filed.

When the news breaks . . . and it will soon, the report claims, . . . don’t forget where you heard the tea first!!

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