SHOCK VIDEO: Old Lady Has Heart Attack . . . After Receiving Lap Dance While At SENIOR CENTER!!

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An elderly woman who was having the time of her life at a party at her local senior center was captured on camera suffering an apparent heart attack. The woman collapsed as she was in the midst of a lap dance, offered by three men.

Media Take Out learned that the person who posted the video is claiming that the incident was not staged.

The incident went down in the nation of Colombia, at a senior center called Una Mano Amiga Foundation in El Prado, Cartagena, last month.

According to the person who filmed the video, she wanted to create a “viral video” – and so she invited a group of dancers to entertain the seniors. And that’s when things went terribly wrong.


The viral video started with a woman dancer wearing a bunny mask, thong, and leather boots twerking up against some of the older men before the male strippers showed off their skills to attendees.

The elderly woman, seen dressed in a two-toned blue frock, appeared to be having a blast as the trio of scantily-clad studs surrounded her.

Moments later, however, she could be seen grabbing her chest as the dancers rushed to help her. One of which gave her a drink of water before the ambulance arrived. EMS crews later rolled her away on a stretcher to a local hospital.

The event was organized by Instagram influencer Nadia Cartagena, who shared her account of what happened in a follow-up post.

“Today, I held an erotic party for older adults, and I got the biggest scare of my life because I did not expect what happened to happen, and the truth is that I am very sorry, I just wanted to give them some fun and I did not expect that situation, so I want you to comment on the situation,” Cartagena wrote in the translated message.

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