SHOCK VIDEO: Comedian Aries Spears Caught On Tape Kissing A Man … Says It Was ‘A Joke’

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Comedian Aries Spears career is cratering, after the former Mad TV star made disparaging comments towards pop superstar Lizzo. As Media Take Out reported, Aries fat shamed Lizzo, saying that she was shaped like “the poop emoji.”

Since making those comments, Aries life has taken a turn for the worse.

Two weeks ago, fans of Lizzo began pouring over Aries’ old comedy skits – looking for anything to bring shame to the brash comedian. And they succeeded.

First, as Media Take Out reported, an old video with Tiffany Haddish surfaced, which showed Aries and a 7 year old boy in multiple inappropriate scenes. The boy and his mother are now suing Aries and Tiffany over the video.

Now, Lizzo fans has turned up another video of Aries – this time, he’s kissing a man in a video skit that he claims “is comedy.” In the skit, Aries plays a gay man, and he rubs up on multiple men.

Then, at one point in the video, he turns over to a male actor and kisses him on the mouth.

Typically this wouldn’t be a big deal, but Aries has been accused of making homophobic jokes in the past, concerning former NFL player Michael Sam, who was openly gay, and fellow comedian Paul Mooney, who was a closeted homosexual.

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