SHOCK PICS: Comedian Anthony Anderson Lost 140 POUNDS … He’s SKIN & BONES!!

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Comedian Anthony Anderson has lost a shocking amount of weight recently – going from close to 300 pounds, to now only 160 pounds.

At first, Anthony’s weight loss was seen as a healthy change in his life. But new photos of the comedian and actor have many of his fans wondering if he’s going too far.

Yesterday Anthony posted a picture of himself, that got fans wondering – whether he’s ill.

Anderson claimed that his diabetes diagnosis followed his incredibly hectic schedule during the height of his career, which left him ignorant of what he was ingesting, in a 2022 interview with Essence.

One evening when he was thirsty, he remembered feeling something odd in his body. He drank some water to alleviate his thirst but instantly felt the urge to go to the bathroom. After this repeatedly occurred, Anderson saw a doctor the following day.

His blood sugar was approximately 240 at the time of the examination, and he was subsequently given a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Anthony said that the same issue had impacted his father.

Anderson admitted that after receiving the diagnosis, he had to make a few adjustments to his routine since he did not want his family to experience what he experienced when his father passed away. He has since become accustomed to leading a healthy lifestyle.

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