SHOCK: Female Rapper Young Ma Appears To Have SERIOUS Liver Disease … Look At Her Eyes!

Iyanna Muhammad |

Female rapper Young Ma is going through it. Media Take Out viewed a recent video of the female rapper, looking pretty ill.

In the video, which you can see below, Young Ma seems to be weak, and disheveled. Her hair also appear very thin, and her face is gaunt.

But what is most troubling about the video is Young Ma’s eyes – they are completely yellow.

In general, the whites of your eyes (called the sclera) turn yellow when you have a condition called jaundice.

When your body has too much of a chemical called bilirubin, a yellow substance that forms when red blood cells break down, it builds up in your body and can turn your eyes yellow. That’s jaundice.

Typically, your liver filters bilirubin from your blood and uses it to make a fluid called bile. Bile moves through thin tubes (called bile ducts) to get to your digestive tract and then out of your body as waste.

But if you have too much bilirubin in your blood, it’s typically a sign of a pretty serious liver condition.

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