Shirtless Kanye Poolside In Italy … Built Like Saucy Santana … Fans Wonder If He Got A BBL???

Media Take Out Staff |

Kanye West and his wife were spotted out enjoying sun and fun in Italy – and Kanye wasn’t looking his best, Media Take Out has learned.

Kanye West

Ye has put on a considerable amount of weight in recent months, and he’s also taken the unusual step of no longer wearing underwear. Not a good combination.

In the photo, a husky Ye is seen shirtless. And the extra weight he’s put on seems to all be coagulating around his breast and butt region, leading many of the rap stars fans to wonder whether Ye got BBL surgery.

Media Take Out has confirmed that in the past, Kanye admitted to undergoing liposuction in his stomach area, to make him look more svelte. At the time Ye did not mention whether the extra fat was discarded, or whether it was transferred to other areas in his body.

But check out what he looks like now. A fan snapped a shirtless pic of Ye while he and wife Bianca were at a hotel in Italy. He’s giving Saucy Santana vibes.

Here’s a picture of Saucy Santana, the man that many are comparing Ye to now.

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