Shirley Strawberry Talks Marriage & Says Steve Harvey & Wife Marjorie ’Going Through Hell’

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Steve Harvey’s radio show co-host spoke out today for the first time, about her husband Ernest – who is facing serious criminal charges involving inappropriate activity with children. Ernest has also been exposed to have a side chick, whom he’s been communicating with while in prison, Media Take Out confirmed.

And Shirley dropped some BOMBS. She explained that she and Ernest are now separated, and she plans on divorcing her husband. She claim that she and Ernest have been “going through” things for a year, and that she’s leaving her marriage.

Then Shirley turned to the leaked jailhouse conversations – where Shirley is heard making negative remarks about Steve’s wife Marjorie. In the recorded conversations, Shirley claims that Steve is afraid of Marjorie. She also says that Marjorie treats Shirley like she’s “the help.”

Shirley spoke out about the recorded jailhouse conversations. Media Take Out confirmed that Shirley apologized to Steve and Marjorie, and basically begged Steve not to fire her.

Shirley also intimated that Steve and Marjorie have been having a difficult tine lately. Her exact words were, “These tapes come out, and I’m talking about you and Marjorie. And you guys are going through your own private hell right now. You didn’t need me to contribute to anything.”

Steve Harvey and Marjorie have been plagued by social media rumors claiming that the couple were preparing to “split” and allegations about possible infidelity. All of which are completely fabricated.

Media Take Out spoke with multiple people close to the couple who tell us that their marriage is stronger than ever.

She continued, “And the reason that I’m live on the radio now speaking on this [Steve], is because your name is in it. We’ve been friends for a long time … and I wanted to give you and Marjorie a public apology, and to ask for your forgiveness publicly.”

Shirley, who was crying, then began begging to keep her job. Media Take Out confirmed that Shirley continued, “I’ve been coming to work every day, because it’s my only safe haven right now You gave me a place where I could still be myself, and forget my troubles for a while … I want to thank you [Steve] for the space and the grace that you shown me.”

Shirley then alluded – for the second time – about some “things” that Steve and Marjorie are going through right now. She said, “I’m sorry for what you and your wife going through what you are in your life.”

Steve then said, “What’s happening to me and Marjorie – I’m going to address that.”

Steve has been facing some very damaging, and fake rumors surrounding himself and wife Marjorie. A terrible rumor began circulating on social media last month falsely claiming that Steve and his wife Marjorie were divorcing, and that Marjorie was cheating on him.

Media Take Out looked into those rumors and found that they were completely false.

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