Sheree Whitfield’s Ex Tyrone Gilliams Says She LIED About Him Standing Her UP!!

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Sheree Whitfield’s ex-boyfriend Tyrone Gilliams says he never stood Sheree up when she traveled to Philly to meet him while filming.

He says she is pushing a fake narrative.

“I was aware of the taping, but there was no arrangement, contractually, or any agreement with me and Bravo. I don’t have a problem being supportive of a significant other or somebody [I’m] dealing with,” he told The Jasmine Brand. “But, when they created that narrative, and when the narrative was created in regards to me and a lunch date or something that I was supposed to have with [Shereé], that’s when my lawyers had to jump in it. Because it was putting me at risk for going back to prison.”

After viewers saw Tyrone stand her up and not pick up her calls, she was advised to move on by everyone around her.

“I didn’t stand her up, and, more importantly, you can’t stand up somebody where they know where you are. I don’t care if it’s man, woman–you know, no matter what your persuasion is, straight or gay–if [it’s] your significant other or your partner, you know where they lay their heads. So, in my case, you definitely knew where I was because I was [under] home confinement.”

Is Tyrone just trying to save face, or is Sheree making it all up?

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