Shemar Moore Asks White Comedian To CALL HIM N WORD … Black Twitter Reacts!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Actor Shemar Moore is going viral, after he drunkenly went on stage the other night, and asked a White comedian to come over to his house, and call him the N Word, Media Take Out has learned.

And Black Twitter is furious over it.

Shemar Moore attended a comedy show for popular comedian Matt Ride, in Los Angeles. Shemar attended the show, with his Caucasian babys mother Jesiree Dizon, who recently gave birth to their newborn daughter Frankie.

Clearly, Shemar had way too much to drink.

He took the stage, and grabbed the microphone from the comedian and launched into a bizarre and cringeworthy tirade. Shemar started out by saying that his babys mother Frankie told him earlier in the night that she wanted to “f***” Matt Ride.

And Shemar seemed pretty excited at the idea of his babys mother being smutted out by the comedian.

Then Shemar’s rant got even worse. He told the audience that he knows that Matt “wants to use the n word” but that the comedian is probably afraid of getting cancelled.

So Shemar invited the comedian over to his house, and told Matt that he could use the n word freely, when inside Shemar’s home.

It’s pretty disturbing. Watch:

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