Sharon Osbourne Says Whitney Houston Accused Her Of Trying To Hook Up With Bobby Brown!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Sharon Osbourne claims she once got into trouble with late singer Whitney Houston who thought she was trying to put the moves on her husband.

“I was at soundcheck, and Whitney was up on stage doing her soundcheck, and her little girl obviously liked watching The Osbournes, and she came up and sat next to me. Gorgeous little thing. And then, suddenly, her dad came and sat the other side of me,” she said on her reality show, The Osbournes. “Whitney’s up there singing, and then she stops singing, and the track’s still going, and so slowly, the track stops.”

Sharon says it was then, that Whitney confronted her onstage.

“She goes, ‘Mrs. Osbourne, are you trying to f-ck my husband?’” she said. 

Sharon told Whitney, “No, please! I’m not. I went running, running down the aisle. I’m like, ‘No, no, no! You don’t understand! No, no, no. I wasn’t!’” she said. “She goes, ‘Let me see that ring,’ and she looks at the ring. I said, ‘I’d love you to have it.’ I gave her the ring, threw it at her. I said, ‘I promise you. I’m not interested in your husband. I’m married'”.

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