Shaq Apologizes For Bizarre Drake Meme… “I Thought It Was Funny”

Tiffany Brockworth |

Shaquille O’Neal went viral last month after he shared a bizarre “BBL Drizzy” meme.

The meme showed Shaq on a yacht hugging a woman’s body with Drizzy’s head superimposed on it from behind.

“The mistake I made was I should’ve said, ‘Who did this?’ Because I want Drake to know…listen, Drake has a great sense of humor, so I thought it was funny that they did it. I don’t want him to think like, I saw Shaq’s trolling. No, I’m not trolling,” he said on The Big Podcast.

The meme circulated the internet with many believing that the athlete had taken Kendrick Lamar’s side in the beef.

He continued, “Drake, I apologize… Somebody sent it to me. I thought it was funny, and hopefully, you thought it was funny, too. But once it went viral, I definitely took it down, so my bad, big Drake.”

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