Sexyy Red Says It Was NOT Her In Airport Brawl Video!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Sexyy Red was reportedly recently involved in a brawl at an airport which was captured on camera…but the St. Louis rapper says it is not her in the video.

On her Instagram Stories, Redd shared an image of herself holding up a middle finger with her song “TTG (Go)” playing in the background.

“DAT WASNT DF ME,” she wrote.

The brawl took place at the Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.

In the video, a woman who looks like the rapper is seen jumping into the middle of a dispute in front of a terminal gate early, wielding a metal stanchion ready to strike but she topples over before she can use it.

Sexyy also wrote “To the people that was in that altercation at the airport please dm me so I can replace yo phone!!”

Her second message seems to take responsibility for the fight. She was reportedly hit with a charge of disorderly conduct as were others involved.

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