Sexyy Red Claps Back At Khia Disrespect

Lyndon Abioye |

After Khia dragged her followers for comparing her to hot, new rapper Sexyy Red…Big Sexyy responded to her on X.

“Just another ol washed up h@g hatin ona young turnt rich btch,” Sexyy Red wrote in a quick post and delete. “Hatin on bad btches den & still ah mad hater.”

Khia went on a long rant on Instagram calling out fans for comparing them.
“It ain’t eating no n-ggas ass and sucking no n-ggas toes. Y’all h*es couldn’t have grown up listening to me. ‘Cause that ain’t how I roll,” she said.

Khia continued: “They’re not even gonna be here in 25 years, let alone them tired-ass songs they putting out. So don’t you ever say, ‘She’s the original. She’s Sexyy Red.’ B-tch, don’t you ever in your life. F-ck them other hoes. I said it then, and I’m saying it now.”

In the comments, fans slammed Sexyy for age-shaming.

“It’s so funny how the first clap back is to call somebody old, we all used to call ppl old when we were younger. Then we got older and realized how dumb it is to age shame, if you getting older, it means you’re still living…getting older is a blessing..remember that,” one fan wrote.

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