Sexyy Red Addresses Comments About The Color of Her C**chie!!

Lyndon Abioye |

After Sexyy Red’s sex tape leaked last week, fans were quick to comment that her private parts did not look pink in the video.

In her song “Poundtown,” Sexyy raps: “My coochie pink/ My bootyhole brown.”

“Why do I see dumbass little kids talking ’bout my coochie not pink? I’m brown. Why would the outside of my coochie be pink? Can you make it make sense?”

She continued: “That’s how I know y’all don’t get no ass. Why would the f-ck the outside of my c–chie be pink? That’s sick. No, the outside is not pink, dumbass If you get some coochie, and you see what the f-ck going on, you gon’ see what I’m saying. Common sense.”

Fans responded in the comments section.

“Lett dem know. Big  @SexyyRed314_ kewchie be like a filet mignon, brown on the outside and pink n juicy in the middle,” one follower wrote.

Another added, “They’re too young. Tell em stay focus on their books and when they get older, they’ll remember your song and be like “oh that’s what she’s talking about.”

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