Serial K*ller In Los Angeles … Targeting Beautiful Black Women!!

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Media Take Out is issuing a warning to Black women in Los Angeles. There may be a serial k*ller on the loose – praying on beautiful African American women.

In the past two weeks, two beautiful Black women are believed to have been k*lled. Their d**ths appear to have the same surrounding circumstances, leading many to believe that there is a K**LER ON THE LOOSE.

In both cases, Media Take Out learned that the women met with a man for a “date,” and hours later they were found in their luxury Los Angeles apartments d**d.

The latest alleged victim – 32 year old Nicole Coats, told friends that she had a date on September 8th. No one heard from her again. When her family checked in on her two days later, they found her d**d inside her apartment.

Nicole Coats

And according to Nicole’s mother, the beauty’s face was badly bruised – and appeared to have been fighting off an attacker.

So far police are still investigating the case.

Nicole Coats

Two days earlier, another beautiful Black woman, who also lived in a luxury downtown Los Angeles apartment was also found d**d. In that case, police are saying it was a m**der.

Just a few days earlier, aspiring model Maleesa Mooney was found de*d inside her apartment.

Mooney worked as a real estate agent at Beverly Hills-based agency Nest Seekers and had only moved into her new home a month ago, her family said.

Cops entered her apartment Skye at Bunker Hill on September 12 just before 4pm and found the woman mur**ered. They did not say how long she had been dead for.

The cause of de**h has not yet been revealed.

Her family knew something was wrong when their iPhone text conversations with Mooney changed from blue to green – signaling a change in WiFi and data services.

Bailey Babb, Mooney’s cousin, told KTLA that the family asked for a wellness check when she stopped answering her calls: ‘When a week went by, we just knew something was off.”

When they finally conducted the wellness check, Melissa’s body was found.

Media Take Out received social media reports that Malessa went on a date shortly before she was last seen.

‘Her messages weren’t delivering and we knew something was up because we all have a special relationship with Maleesa.’

Here’s the latest news:

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