Sean “Diddy” Combs Denies ‘Gang R*pe’ of 17-Year-Old Girl

Tiffany Brockworth |

Sean Combs has filed his first official response to a lawsuit claiming that he “gang raped” a 17-year-old girl at his Manhattan recording studio in 2003.

The woman claimed Diddy, Harve Pierre and a third unidentified man trafficked her across state lines, plied her with “copious amounts of drugs and alcohol” before she was gang r*ped in his Daddy’s House Recording Studio.

“(Combs) never participated in, witnessed, or was or is presently aware of any misconduct, sexual or otherwise, relating to plaintiff in any circumstance whatsoever,” Combs’ answer reads in part.

Diddy’s legal team questioned why the alleged victim waited so long to file the lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed shortly after he settled a lawsuit with ex-girlfriend, Cassie.

“The context, genuineness, and/or accuracy of the photographs are disputed,” the answer continues. “Plaintiff’s decision to wait more than two decades to file her complaint has prejudiced defendant, as he has lost the ability to defend himself fully and fairly in this action. For example, some or all evidence that otherwise would have been available if the action had been promptly commenced may be unavailable, lost, or compromised.” Combs and his lawyers further argue the lawsuit should be barred because the Victims of Gender-Motivated Violence Act (GMVA) under which is was brought is purportedly “unconstitutional.”

Diddy alleges the lawsuit is unconstitutional.

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