Scott Disick Dating Kourtney Kardashian’s Childhood Friend

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Scott Disick is reportedly dating Kourtney Kardashian’s childhood friend Kimberly Stewart.

Well, according to sources, Kourtney approves.

“Kourtney has known Kimberly for many years and she actually thinks this is a good match for Scott,” a source close told HollywoodLife. “Kourtney knows how true love can come out of friendships because she is living proof of that. Being friends with Travis gave them such a strong foundation.”

Scott was heartbroken after Kourtney got engaged to Travis Barker and then when they got married. But Kourtney is happy with her new love and wants the same for Scott.

“Kourtney believes that this is good for Scott because she knows Scott so well. She knows that Kimberly is a good person and an excellent mother,” the source said, adding, “Aside from this, Kourtney actually thinks that they look really cute together and complement each other well.”

Scott has been linked to several women over the past year, but Kourtney thinks this relationship could be one that lasts.

“She knows that Kimberly will always have his best interest in mind, and she is not in it for money or anything like that. Kourtney is so in love with Travis she wants everyone to experience the kind of love they have. She’s hoping this works out for Scott.”

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