Saucy Santana Tells Wack 100 To “SUCK ONE” After Jumping Into DJ Akademiks Beef!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Saucy Santana fired off at Wack 100 after he called up one of his bisexual friends to fight Saucy on DJ Akademiks’ behalf.

First Saucy addressed Ak:

“Akademiks done went and did a link-up with Wack 100 and another Powder Puff Girl, sitting on a muthaf-ckin’ couch, face full of muthaf-ckin’ fear. And then you got Wack 100 calling another bisexual boy, like he gonna do something to me. Bitch, who? Bitch, where?” said Saucy.

He continued,”You done left one headquarters, and went to another headquarters, but still ain’t show up in Miami ad I’m not gonna see you no-muthaf-ckin’-where. So shut the f-ck up! And I was gonna leave you alone once you started muthaf-ckin’ cryin’, but since you wanna keep chattin’, and you done did a whole bad b-tch linkup, I got something for you.”

Saucy then addressed Wack 100.

“And Wack 100, you a b-tch! That’s why he came and found you! You a bitch-ass n-gga, too. You’re the manager that’s in love with Blueface, that was mad because Blueface go with Chrisean, right? That’s you. Mad at a n-gga about his b-tch.”

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