Saucy Santana Says He Wouldn’t Want His Son To Be GAY!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Saucy Santana is a proud gay man, but the rapper says he does not want any son of his to be gay.

“I think for me, just being honest…I’m just worried about how to raise a kid and just me being gay. And I feel like if I have a son, I wouldn’t want my son to be gay. And not because nothing is wrong with it but because of everything I went through. I don’t look at it as self-hate because I love myself more than anybody,” he told VH1.

He continued: “I think that it’s just not easy. I want better and I don’t even know if better is the right word because it’s not saying. To me, nothing is wrong with being gay.”

Saucy recently exchanged homophobic slurs with DJ Akademiks. During the exchange, Saucy threatened to beat him and then “f-ck him in the ass,” which reduced Ak to tears.

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