Saucy Santana Reveals HANDSOME New Boyfriend: He Was Straight UNTIL He Met Saucy!

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Popular hip hop artist Saucy Santana has a new man in his life. And according to the streets, before he met Saucy, he was considered “straight.”

Saucy revealed his new man on Instagram over the weekend, and immediately his comments were filled with people suggesting that he “paid” his new boyfriend, who is very handsome and masculine, to go out with him.

Saucy was forced to defend his new relationship, explaining that he doesn’t have any trouble getting men in his life. The rapper also told fans that he would NEVER pay a man to be with him.

According to Saucy, he “exudes a confidence that attracts n***as, and once they get over here and catch the vibe, they love it.”


Saucy Santana is a rapper. After beginning his career as a makeup artist for the hip hop duo City Girls, he started rapping in February 2019, and released his debut single “Walk Em Like A Dog” that same year. After becoming a recurring guest on the reality television franchise Love & Hip Hop: Miami, Santana gained further prominence in 2021 when his singles “Walk”, and “Here We Go” spawned viral challenges on TikTok. That same year, he released the song “Material Girl”, and later released the song’s remix “Material Gworrllllllll!” alongside Madonna.

Santana uploaded his debut single “Walk ‘Em Like a Dog” to the audio distribution platform SoundCloud in August 2019. This release was followed by his debut EP, Dog Walkers, in September 2019, and then the mixtape Imma Celebrity in January 2020. Santana featured as a recurring guest on the third season of the reality television franchise Love & Hip Hop: Miami, which aired on VH1 from January 6, 2020, to April 6, 2020.

\In July 2020, Santana released his second mixtape Pretty Little Gangsta, bolstered by the singles “Up & Down” featuring American rapper Latto, and “Back It Up” featuring American rapper LightSkinKeisha. Santana featured on American rapper Sukihana’s single “Food Stamp Hoe” in August 2021.

His 2020 single “Walk” went viral in 2021 after being used for the popular TikTok #WalkChallenge, and earned him a cosign from American rapper Nicki Minaj. His singles “Here We Go” and “Material Girl” also gained prominence on the platform throughout the year; the latter of which received a cosign from Madonna, who performed a medley of both her song “Material Girl” and Santana’s “Material Girl” with him at NYC Pride in 2022.

They would later release the version they performed as a single, entitled “Material Gworrllllllll!” His debut studio album Keep It Playa was released on December 16, 2021, and featured the single “Shisha”, his first collaboration with City Girls, with whom he originally began his career as a makeup artist.

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