Saucy Santana BLASTS DJ Akademiks Over R*pe Lawsuit!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Saucy Santana hopped online to slam DJ Akademiks after an ex-girlfriend sued him for r*pe and defamation.

Akademiks went hard at Saucy’s bestie

“6ix9ine freaky b-tch! Nasty tail! And what would make you think we believe that it’s fake lawyers? What would make you think we believe that these is fake headlines? But when it was Caresha b-tch, the word was bond. It was no muthaf-cking way!” Saucy says in the clip.

He continued: “Pink cocaine and all this other weird ass shit, but bitch we supposed to believe that shorty lying on you? I don’t think so. Not gon’ happen. Midget d-ck bitch! Sitting down all muthaf-cking day. You just smell like sat! Sat! Been sitting in that muthaf-cking seat!”

Akademiks denies all allegations of r-pe or sexual assault from his ex. He also threatened that if he goes down, he is taking everyone in the industry down with him.

Ak has not responded to Saucy.

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