Sauce Walka Threatens Island Boy w/ Violence!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Sauce Walka came face to face with Franky Venegas, a.k.a. Kodiyakredd of the Island Boys at Johnny Dang’s jewelry store.

In the clip, Sauce can be heard saying “I’m a millionaire, you’re not a millionaire.”

Kodiyakredd replies, “Bro, bro, I’m way more known than you,” to which Sauce said: “You’re not way more known than me nothing.”

After throwing several homophobic slurs at the Island Boy, Sauca continued, “I will slap you. Stop talking to me. I’m a real gangster. You’s a ho. I’m not one of them other rap n-ggas you even been around. You a ho.”

The OIsland Boys are better known for their social media content. They have a TikTok following of over 6.5 million and have had public beef with several celebrities, including Jake and Logan Paul. The pair also went viral after a “kiss” between them made the rounds on the internet. They claimed they only did it to “mess with people’s heads” online but the fans are not convinced.

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