Sada Baby Denies Being High: Ain’t Spent 10-20k A Week On Lean In Longer Than A Year!!

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Sada Babu responded to fans reactions to a recent video where they claimed the rapper looked high…but Sada says he has been sober for months and has kicked his lean addiction.

“Because I was doin the explanation Sh-t all damn session like I do anyways. How tf do y’all think I was tooooo high. Do y’all really know what junkies look like? They Kaint function dumb ass ppl. Know me before you think I’m too high like these mfs who be overdosing. Not Casada,” he wrote alongside the video.

In a separate tweet, he wrote: “Ain’t spent 10-20k a week on lean in longer than a year. Ain’t bought over 5 perks in two months. Ain’t smoked a cigarette in two months. Suck my dick n celebrate my sobriety.”

Fans showed support in the comments: “No fr I definitely said the same thing I’m sure you be tired working on different projects and you literally just told us you quit squares and drank so yea yo REAL FANS know wassup the rest of these mfs just talkin !” one fan wrote.

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