RZA Says Afrobeats Is NOT Killing Hip Hop

Lyndon Abioye |

Earlier this week, Lil Duval tweeted that Afrobeats is killing Hip Hop…but RZA of Wu-Tang Clan disagrees.

“Afrobeats might be the death of hip hop as we know it,” he told TMZ.

“Afrobeat is Hip Hop. They basically are doing their form of Hip Hop. Just like Trap was Hip Hop, just like G-Funk was Hip Hop, it’s just their rendition. And you know what: they deserve a chance, just like the rest of us deserve a chance, of our music to be heard around the world, inspire and feed families.”

After the backlash, Lil Duval walked back on his original statement.

“I wasn’t saying hip hop is over i said ‘hip hop as we know it’,” he clarified, “meaning like evolved into something bigger…Meaning giving afrobeats props. I don’t [know] how some took offense.”

Lil Duval’s tweets came after the NBA All-Star Game’s all-Afrobeats halftime show featured performances by Afrobeats stars Burna Boy, Tems and Rema.

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