Ryan Garcia: I Had A Mole In My Camp!!

Lyndon Abioye |

After losing his big fight against Gervonta Davis, Ryan Garcia accuses the boxer of having a mole infiltrate his camp.

“Actually sad I had a mole in my camp like wtf that’s crazy but thank God it’s brought to light now,” Garcia posted on Instagram.

Garcia suspected he had a rat in the crew ahead of the fight.

“I allow them to have as many moles as they want. I invited them to come watch me train tonight, Garcia told Ariel Helwani before the bout. “It’s not gonna stop what’s already gonna happen. I just laugh at it. It’s like they send little Judases. They pay them off. If that’s you’re the definition of being a champion and holding yourself with honor, you have something coming for you. He is asleep right now and I’m gonna wake him up come Saturday night.”

Davis had hinted several times that he did have a spy in Garcia’s camp…but we still don’t know who it was.

Should Davis name the mole?

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