Russell Simmons DEFENDS Diddy

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Russell Simmons is speaking out in defense of Diddy who has been accused of sexual harrassment, r-pe and more.

“When you tear someone down or you watch someone tear someone down, try not to get so excited. I know it’s fun to watch for some people. If I had a nickel for every nasty meme sent to me by people whose lives were enhanced and built by Sean Combs, it’s like, it seems a bit hypocritical since the only reason you have a life is ’cause you worked for him, or he gave you a job or lifted you up somehow,” he says in the video shared to social media.

Simmons was also accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple women and immediately fled to Bali; some say the move was to evade the legal repercussions.

“Watching our brothers fall is hurtful. Having everybody get together and laugh at our brother’s fall or supporting the tearing down of our brothers is tough. You may think it’s, you know, entertaining. Some of the memes are funny, right? But, we gotta look up, train our minds to see the good in things and not the negative,” Simmons added.

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