Rubi Rose Denies Getting Breast Implants!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Rapper Rubi Rose is denying allegations from fans that she has gotten breast implants.

Rubi posted a picture of herself and her assets were noticeably more pronounced…but she says it’s all down to a pushup bra.

“Flattered everyone thinks I got them done,” Rose wrote on her Instagram Story. “We’re dropping my push-up bra next month for my hoochies.”

She added, “My push-up bra I made myself has the girls in a frenzie…..3 cup sizes bigger at minimum.”

Fans weighed in on the comments.

“The pic is clearly heavily edited. The cleavage lines are added on her chest and the titties made bigger,” one follower wrote.

Another added. “It’s great that your push up bra can do this but it is false advertising.”

A third fan chimed in, “I’m ngl if I take a big tiddie girl home and she take off the bra and it disappears I’m gonna be real sad.”

Would y’all buy the bra is Rubi dropped one?

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