Royce Reed: Dwight Howard Had Dr*g Fueled G*y/Tr*ns Party … While Their Son Was HOME!

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The Dwight Howard drama has taken a disturbing turn. In a new Vlad TV interview, Media take Out learned that one of Dwight’s babys mother – former Basketball star Royce Reed – claims that Dwight may have placed their son in a dangerous situation.

Here’s a little back story. Last year, Dwight and Royce’s son (who was underage) was involved in a very disturbing incident with another child. The other child, a boy, claimed that Dwight and Royce’s son did something HORRIBLE to him.

Now Royce is claiming that when her son was at his father’s house, he was exposed to crazy parties, which included trans-persons and plenty of narcotics.

Here’s a summary of what Royce alleges:

  • “There were a lot of… parties… There were all types of people. Every pronoun was there”
  • Says she was “beyond…shocked” at what she walked into. “I felt like I was in an episode of something”
  • People were vomiting over the balcony, cussing each other out, etc
  • Royce immediately goes looking for her son, Braylon.
  • She sees Dwight who yells at her with a stank face, “What’s wrong?”
  • Royce asked Dwight where her son was. Dwight didn’t know where their son was and didn’t seem to care, “I don’t know, he’s somewhere…”
  • When looking for her son, she found a drug-laden table. A girl had just peed in a seat near the table
  • She found peanut butter on the drug paraphernalia – a sign her son was there
  • Royce says she doesn’t know if “Kitty” was there. She says “I might have met Kitty…I met a lot while I was there”
  • Royce went upstairs and found her son in a room
  • When she asks if her son if he’s ok and he can’t make eye contact and looks down. His responses are timid.
  • After pressing him, Braylon finally says he went downstairs to get something to eat, he wanted a snack
  • She grabs son and keeps asking him if he took anything (drugs) off that table. He swore to Royce he didn’t
  • She says she kept asking him “so many times, because I needed it to be reiterated”

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