Royce Da 5’9″ Defends T.I.’s Parenting Skills

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Royce Da 5’9″ defended T.I.‘s parenting skills after social media gave all the attention to King Harris’ legal troubles and very little to his son Messiah who is a great musician.

Messiah posted an acoustic guitar cover of “Give a Little Bit” by British rock band Supertramp. The video received very little attention in comparison to King’s arrest and social media rants.

“The ‘unacceptable’ behavior of ‘ONE’ of @tip’s children not only went viral but came to incredible levels of disrespect, judgement and uninformed opinions/scrutiny. This is yet another one of his children displaying a God given talent as well as a skill that you don’t just acquire without some form of support and guidance,” he wrote on Instagram.

“The fact that I heard about one of his children ‘acting out’ without even looking at my phone but barely seen this on any of my timelines says more about the culture than it does the Parents or how good of a job you think they’re doing or what they ‘Need to be doing,'” the Detroit rapper continued.

He added: “Now spread this around the same way you do when you wanna criticize and gossip… Or mind ya bizness… Kudos to @tip x His lovely wife for showing the world that we can be parents, artists, executives and whatever else we put our minds to. We can do it in the public eye without pretending to be perfect.”

In the comments, fans agreed and praised Messiah’s talent.

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