Rory & Mal Ice Spice Wouldn’t Be As Poppin’ If She Were Dark-Skinned

Tiffany Brockworth |

In a new episode of Rory & Mal’s podcast, the team debated whether Ice Spice would be as successful if she was dark-skinned. Rory does not believe she would be.

“If we saying that colorism doesn’t exist because a dark-skinned girl could never soar the way that f-cking Ice Spice did off having zero to no talent,” producer Demaris said.

Rory was surprised to hear her say Ice Spice lacked talent.

“I think she’s a talented person, rap wouldn’t be it, but there’s a talent there,” said Rory.

Demaris continued, “If she was dark-skinned she would not be as big as she is. That’s what I said. That’s not taking anything away from her.”

Last month it was announced that Ice Spice partnered with Nicki Minaj’s new record label named Heavy On It.

“Heavy On It is the label, and I’m proud to announce my partnership with the one and only Ice Spice,” Nicki announced before dropping a remix of Ice Spice’s song Princess Diana.”

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