ROID RAGE!! Jonathan Majors Was Taking Dangerous Steroid ‘Tren’ (Trenbelone) … Made Him ’Emotional’!!

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Yesterday Jonathan Majors was arrested in New York City, and charged with assaulting and strangling a White woman whom he was dating, Media Take Out reported.

Media Take Out asked people who know the actor and who have worked with him in the past, whether they could have predicted that he could be accused of such a heinous crime?

One person, who worked with Jonathan on the set of his new movie Creed 3, had a pretty interesting theory on what might have happened in the back of the taxicab.

The person, who asked to remain anonymous, told Media Take Out that he suspects Jonathan was using a very strong anabolic steroid known as “Tren.”

The insider told Media Take Out, “He was taking [steroids] while filming [Creed]. I can’t say what he was taking, but people on staff were saying that he was on tren.”

Tren, or trenbolone acetate, is a popular synthetic anabolic steroid that’s estimated to be three to five times more potent than testosterone. The FDA does not allow its use on human beings, it is only available to use on cattle. But bodybuilders illegally use it on themselves, and it is has the ability to change a person’s physique – from skinny to bodybuilder jacked – in just a few months.

It’s regarded as a high risk, high reward steroid—a drug used by top-level bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes to get massive strength and muscle gains.

But there are a ton of very scary side effects for those who use Tren. In addition to it damaging the male reproductive system, Tren can also lead to severe emotional stability … and possible psychosis.

Trenbolone is notorious for increasing “aggression,” and having severe negative impact on the user’s mental health. Tren users claim that the drug causes a very serious case of “roid rage,” and frequent users of Tren can be subject to psychotic breaks.

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