Rihanna’s 6 MONTHS PREGNANT … Refused To Dance ‘Hard’ During Superbowl Performance!!

Iyanna Muhammad |

Rihanna performed at this year’s Superbowl, and we have to admit – it was pretty underwhelming.

Instead of dancing, Rihanna walked back and forth across the makeshift stage, while she lip synched a few of her most popular hits.

But before you go criticizing her performance – we have news to report. Media Take Out learned that Rihanna is indeed pregnant, with her second child. And she’s fairly far along – 6 MONTHS – according to a producer for the show.

Rihanna gave birth to her first child, a son, last May.

Now it’s all starting to make sense.

As you’ll recall, Media Take Out told you that Rihanna was accused of going “light” on rehearsals. And that the platinum artist initially refused to do the performance, and had to be convinced to do it.

We still LOVED the performance. And we understand why she took it easy … the health of her new baby comes first.

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